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Ride sharing software dedicated only for companies, institutes and business centers.

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CAR POOLING is the most effective way of reducing travel costs for the entire fleet and avoiding parking problems, in addition to having a very positive impacton the environment. Employeeswho use our car pooling saves their money, suffer less stress due to having more time to relax and also get to know eachother better resulting in better working relations.

Benefit your business by caring about your employees and the environment.

Our offer?

Fully closed platform, dedicated only for particular organisation or business center and their employees


Customize graphic design to the needs that are related with your business. Enter your image, and show Singu Car Pooling system as your own software


Singu Car Pooling platform is a solution, which is dedicated to a particular company or business center. Access to the system is only via company e-mail address. Passengers are working in the same place, what increases the sanse of security and gives confidence that the route will be safe.


We offer marketing materials about carpooling. Promotion within the company should encourage people to carpooling platform. Select a promotional package and we will adapt graphics to the corporate identity.


The user needs to log in into the platform, using a company e-mail address. Access to platform is granted only to companyemployees.

Choose a route

The driver adds the address, specifies the preferred route and includes the commuting days as well as departure and arrival times. Here the users can check availability and choose the most convenienttime.


The user reserves an available place and thedriver is notified when a co-worker wants toshare a ride. The request is then acceptedand the passenger receives confirmation viasms or email.


The platform provides an opportunity for the users to rate the carpool experience which improves the service and increase trust between coworkers.

Car pool

Pick up takes place at the arranged time at the chosen location. In case of any unexpected changes both the driver and the passengers are able to inform each other through notifications which can be sent and received via our platform.


For your organisation

  • Reduced the costs of petrol for entire fleet
  • The savings obtained through carpooling act as a pay increase
  • Promote an innovative and sensible approach to travel
  • Give back to your community


For your employees

  • Reduce travel costs by up to 75%
  • Minimize parking hassles
  • Allow employees to individually contribute to protecting our environment
  • Integrate with your co-workers and form better working relationships
  • Fully closed platform, dedicated to particulat company or business center
  • parking problems are solved
  • revolutionary solutions inside the platform (cyclic jurneys, communication modules, SMS notification)
  • prestige solution / innovative approach
  • instant access to the platform wherver you are
  • branding (personal login pages, corporate brochures, manuals)
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