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Ridesharing software engineered to help business centers and companies match local drivers with passengers commuting to a common workplace.

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Carpooling is the most effective way of lowering travel costs for all employees across the organization. Start commuting together, save your time and stress, and avoid parking problems.

State-of-the-art carpooling system with employees, data security and the environment in mind.

Our offer

A corporate carpooling system providing real-value benefits both for your organization and employees.

Assured Safety

By default, only company employees have access to the system, ensuring safe trips among colleagues. Gain even more privacy by revealing your personal data only after there is a match between the driver and passengers.

Full Customization

Customize Singu Carpooling to fit your brand with a company logo. Fully customizable interface allows you to use Singu Carpooling system as your own software.

Embrace Carpooling

Encourage both employers and employees to carpooling through the use of marketing materials promoting ridesharing and incentives programs including reduced cost or free parking and reward programs.

See how simple it is!

Enter your trip

Use our mobile app with an intuitive user interface to plan your trip. Enter preferred starting point, destination and time of arrival. Logging into Singu Carpooling is by default possible only through a business e-mail thereby the process is safe and secure.

Smart matching

Singu Carpooling matches drivers and riders commuting to a particular workplace. The routes and arrival times are calculated by intelligent algorithms to help potential carpoolers locate others nearby with similar schedules in a fast and easy way.

Make a reservation

Use a mobile app to reserve an available place in a car. The driver is notified promptly when a co-worker wants to share a ride. Thanks to seat reservation the number of single-occupancy rides is minimized and travel costs are reduced.


The platform provides an opportunity for the users to rate their carpooling experience. Improve the quality of the service and increase trust between co-workers

Seamless communication

In case of any unexpected events both the driver and the passenger remain in constant touch. They can easily inform each other through notifications via our platform.


for your organization

  • Save money by decreasing the number of parking spaces required for your employee
  • Strengthen your corporate values by protecting the environment and minimizing traffic volume
  • Highlight your responsibility to reduce greenhouse
    gas emissions
  • Increase the productivity and morale of employees promoting an innovative and effective approach
    to commuting to work


for your employees

  • Save money, share the costs of fuel consumption and economize on general wear and tear on the vehicles
  • Save time, reduce commute-related stress and lower traffic on the roads
  • Feel comfortable, eliminate parking problems and arrive at work fresh and productive
  • Build contacts with co-workers and strengthen the cooperation with your team
  • A corporate carpooling system providing safe commuting and high security data storage
  • Address parking problems reducing the number of employees who commute to work individually
  • A positive impact on the environment and the traffic in the area of your business center
  • Prestigious solution and intuitive approach to your daily commuting to work
  • Instant access to the platform anytime and wherever you are
  • Seamless communication via text and e-mail notifications
  • Branding to make Singu Carpooling your own
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